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Theme 1


Advancing theoretical understanding of the ecophysiological and environmental drivers that govern the dynamics of ecosystem structure and function.

Develop and validate the mechanistic relationship between SIF and photosynthesis at the leaf scale. Our studies are being reported in two studies:


The first study built a quantitative framework to estimate photosynthesis, based on a mechanistic light reaction (MLR) model with chlorophyll a fluorescence from PSII (SIFPSII) as an input (denoted as MLR-SIF).


The second study revealed the theoretical relationships between SIF and photosynthetic parameters.



Elucidate the dynamics of SIF, photosynthesis and their drivers at the canopy scale. We developed a novel approach that uses remotely sensed SIF to partition the net CO2 flux into its two components fluxes, i.e., GPP and ecosystem respiration

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