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My research interests include: global carbon cycle, terrestrial water dynamic; urban climate. I use satellite remote sensing data, reanalysis data, as well as terrestrial biosphere models to advance solutions to important environment questions. My current project is to use multiple photosynthesis tracers to advance our predictive understanding of GPP using NCAR CLM5


Personal homepage

About me

I am a PhD student in Ying’s lab. Prior to joining Ying’s lab, I obtained my bachelor and master degrees from Nanjing University in Dr. Wenfeng Zhan’s lab. I did several researches using satellite land surface temperature products to monitor the spatiotemporal patterns of urban heat island, and explore the underlying mechanisms. 

Selected publications:

1. Lai, J., Li, Y., Chen, J., Niu, G., Lin, P., Li, Q., Wang, L., Han, J., Luo, Z., and Ying, S.*, 2021. Massive cropland expansion caused secular freshwater depletion in arid northwestern China. Environmental Research Letters, 2021.

2. Lai, J., Zhan, W.*, Quan, J., Liu, Z., Li, L., Huang, F., Hong, F., and Liao, W., 2021. Reconciling Debates on Controls of Surface Urban Heat Island: The Effect of Scale and Sampling. Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2021GL094485.

3. Lai, J., Zhan, W.*, Voogt, J., Quan, J., Huang, F., Zhou, J., Bechtel, B., Hu, L., Wang, K., Cao, C., and Lee, X., 2021. Meteorological controls on daily variations of nighttime surface urban heat islands. Remote Sensing of Environment, 253, 112198.

4. Lai, J., Zhan, W.*, Quan, J., Bechtel, B., Wang, K., Zhou, J., Huang, F., Chakraborty, T., Liu, Z., and Lee, X., 2021. Statistical simulation of next-day nighttime surface urban heat islands. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. 176, 182-195.

5. Lai, J., Zhan, W.*, Huang, F., Voogt, J., Bechtel, B., Allen, M., Peng, S., Hong, F., Liu, Y., and Du, P.*, 2018. Identification of typical diurnal patterns for clear-sky climatology of surface urban heat islands. Remote Sensing of Environment, 217, 203-220.

6. Lai, J., Zhan, W.*, Huang, F., Quan, J., Hu, L., Gao, L., and Ju, W., 2018. Does quality control matter? Surface urban heat island intensity variations estimated by satellite-derived land surface temperature products. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 139, 212-227.

7. Liu, Z., Lai, J., Zhan, W., Bechtel, B., Voogt, J., Quan, J., Hu, L., Fu, P., Huang, F., Li, L., and Guo, Z., 2022. Urban Heat Islands Significantly Reduced by COVID-19 Lockdown. Geophysical Research Letters. e2021GL096842.

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